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Isfahan, a city rich in artistic heritage and cultural grandeur, has been the heart of Persian rug-making for centuries. Known for their superior quality, intricate designs, and unparalleled craftsmanship, Isfahan rugs are treasured pieces of artistic expression.

Crafted primarily from high-quality wool and silk, Isfahan rugs are renowned for their durability and luxurious feel. The city’s skilled artisans often use fine kork wool, and occasionally pure silk, to create these masterpieces. The resulting rugs are not only incredibly soft and resilient but are also known for their sheen, enhancing the vibrancy of the rug's color palette.

Isfahan rugs are characterized by their symmetrical designs and balanced motifs. The city is famous for its "Shah Abbasi" design, a motif featuring large, elegant floral patterns that are often complemented by intricate arabesques and vine scrolls. Central medallions, corner spandrels, and highly decorative borders are hallmarks of these designs.

The color palette of Isfahan rugs is another distinctive feature. While they come in a variety of hues, Isfahan rugs are particularly known for their sublime combinations of deep blues and rich reds, often contrasted with ivory and gold accents.

Buying an antique rug from Isfahan means owning a piece of Persian history. These rugs are a testament to the city's long-standing tradition of fine craftsmanship, and each rug tells a unique story through its patterns, colors, and textures. Explore our collection of Isfahan rugs and let their timeless elegance and historical significance transform your space.

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Rugs from Isfahan

A Legacy Woven in Wool and Silk

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