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Kashan, a city steeped in the ancient traditions of Iran, is famed worldwide for its magnificent hand-knotted rugs. Kashan rugs are renowned for their elaborate designs, exceptional quality, and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

The majority of Kashan rugs are woven with high-quality wool, although examples of pure silk variants can also be found. The wool used, often referred to as 'Manchester Wool', is known for its exceptional durability and fine texture. This premium wool, combined with the high knot density common to Kashan rugs, results in a dense pile that is plush to touch and resilient in the face of wear.

The designs of Kashan rugs are deeply rooted in Persian history. The most iconic motif is the 'Shah Abbas' design, which features a central diamond-shaped medallion surrounded by palmettes, vine scrolls, and floral motifs. These designs are usually symmetrically arranged, creating a harmonious and balanced visual experience.

Kashan rugs are recognized for their rich and opulent color palette. While they come in various hues, they are particularly noted for their use of deep indigo and brilliant crimson, often offset by softer ivory and beige tones. The result is a dramatic and visually striking piece that stands out in any decor.

Investing in a Kashan rug is an investment in history, tradition, and art. The city of Kashan has been producing these beautiful rugs for centuries, and each rug carries with it a piece of this rich heritage. Browse our collection of Kashan rugs and let their intricate beauty and timeless elegance transform your living space.

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