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Tabriz, a city steeped in history and culture, is one of the oldest rug-weaving centers in the world. Tabriz rugs, known for their sophisticated designs and exceptional craftsmanship, are a reflection of the city's long-standing artistic tradition and its dedication to the art of rug-making.

Tabriz rugs are primarily woven from high-quality wool, but luxury pieces often incorporate silk threads to add a luminescent quality to the intricate patterns. The high knot density in Tabriz rugs is a testament to their superior quality, ensuring not only a finely detailed design but also a durability that can withstand years of use.

The designs of Tabriz rugs are varied and can range from intricate medallions and floral motifs to scenes from history or elements of nature. A distinctive feature of many Tabriz rugs is the incorporation of a grand central medallion surrounded by ornate vine-scrolls, figures, and architectural elements. Borders are elaborate and often contain multiple layers of detailed minor and major bands.

The color palette of Tabriz rugs is equally diverse. While many feature traditional hues of deep reds and blues, others may display a range of soft pastels or earth tones. This broad spectrum of colors allows Tabriz rugs to seamlessly blend into a variety of interior design styles.

Owning a Tabriz rug is like possessing a piece of Persian art. Each rug is a tangible expression of Tabriz's rich cultural heritage, its artistic creativity, and its legendary weaving skills. Explore our collection of Tabriz rugs and let their elegant designs, beautiful colors, and superior quality bring a touch of Persian grandeur to your home.


Rugs from Tabriz

Crafting Elegance in Intricate Knots

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